The Future of TV Coalition Tell the FCC: Don’t Silence Diverse Voices on TV!

Tell the FCC: Don’t Silence Diverse Voices on TV!


On TV today, high-quality new shows are breaking barriers and telling richer, more diverse stories American communities than ever. Minority-owned networks like Revolt and El Rey are creating jobs and opportunity in front of and behind the camera. But now Big Tech lobbyists and the FCC want new rules that will stifle these voices and silence minority-owned networks. Tell the FCC to protect diversity on TV!

This new mandate will allow Big Tech to exploit programs created by diverse networks without paying, free-riding off others’ work and skimming profits for themselves. Companies with terrible diversity records will bury programming serving communities of color in remote corners of the channel guide with the same bias that infects Internet search rankings, bringing the historical injustice of redlining to our TVs.

It’s an egregious giveaway to the richest companies in the world seeking a shortcut in their conquest to take over TV and grow even wealthier.

Big Tech doesn’t need a shortcut that fattens their wallets at the expense of communities of color. Tell the FCC not to silence diverse voices on TV.


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

I oppose unnecessary set-top box regulations that will undermine diverse voices on television.

The TV market today is full of great choices and innovation, and offers a richer, more diverse lineup of great shows serving all American communities than ever before. Why put such a healthy market at risk?

Diverse networks that negotiate contracts for channel placement should not have their content used for free and must not be “redlined” in guides or buried by biased search algorithms. Minority owned media businesses should be supported, not undermined and attacked.

Please reconsider this assault on communities of color and the program diversity we value and depend upon. Do not adopt these rules.