The Future of TV Coalition Tell the FCC: Don’t Break My TV!

Tell the FCC: Don’t Break My TV!


From Netflix to Roku to revolutionary apps like HBO Now, we’ve never had more choices in TV. But now Big Tech lobbyists and the FCC want to turn back the clock with a technology mandate that would actually stifle innovation and lock old technology in place, forcing a second TV box into our homes while making the Big Tech companies richer. Tell the FCC to reject this destructive backwards-looking rule.

The new tech mandate means higher bills, intrusive new advertisements, and less privacy for you and your family. It would be a death blow for small and special TV networks and diverse voices who will be buried at the bottom of hostile television search algorithms –leaving fewer choices for everyone who loves television.

This is nothing more than a giveaway to the richest Big Tech companies in the world who want a sweetheart deal that lets them limit your choices, profit at your expense, invade your privacy, and take over TV the way they’ve taken over the Internet!

Big Tech doesn’t need a government handout. Tell the FCC to reject this costly, backwards-looking mandate.


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

I oppose unnecessary set-top box regulations that will mean higher bills, fewer choices, more advertisements, and less privacy on TV.

The television and video market today is full of great choices and real innovation, from Netflix to Roku to Apple TV, and new products and services are coming out every day. Why put such a healthy market at risk with complex and unnecessary new mandates?

Any company that wants to start a video service or sell a video device can already do so – like Amazon and TiVo and many others have done. The FCC should not use its power to give a shortcut to anyone, especially when consumers will end up paying for it. Please do not adopt these rules.