The Future of TV Coalition Wheeler vs. Wheeler on set top box alternatives

Wheeler vs. Wheeler on set top box alternatives

Future of TV Coalition   •   Press Release   •   April 28, 2016

One of the key issues in the debate over the FCC’s proposed set top box mandate is whether consumers have real choice for video devices.  On one side, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has been arguing that consumers have no choice and are “locked” to boxes from their pay TV provider.  On the other side . . .  FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler argues that consumers have never had so many great alternatives and choices.  Watch the debate . . .

Even Chairman Wheeler doesn’t buy Chairman Wheeler’s argument that consumers have no choices for video devices.  TV providers have already made their content available on a wide range of consumer-owned devices, and the marketplace is growing more dynamic and competitive by the week.  So why does the FCC insist on pushing forward a mandate that will take years to develop and implement, will undermine the creative economy, and will leave consumers with higher costs and fewer privacy protections?

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