The Future of TV Coalition Statement from the Future of TV Coalition: “Let the Sunshine In.”

Statement from the Future of TV Coalition: “Let the Sunshine In.”

Future of TV Coalition   •   Press Release   •   October 7, 2016

The Future of TV Coalition issued the following statement today, responding to an FCC Public Notice posted last evening that lifted “sunshine” prohibitions in the set-top box proceeding but failed to also publish the full details of the new proposal:

“The law is clear. If this is a substantially new proposal – and all reports indicate that it is – then the FCC needs to let the public see it and offer comments before any final vote. Chairman Wheeler should heed the requests made by civil rights leaders, independent programmers, and dozens of Members of Congress to ‘Unlock the Plan’.

“Lifting the ‘sunshine’ prohibitions is meaningless if the public isn’t even allowed to know the details of the plan. This isn’t just some ‘inside the beltway’ fight – it’s a question of whether the real-world risks to consumers and creators are going to be addressed or just swept under the rug.

“Does the new proposal continue to involve the FCC in setting licensing terms, in violation of copyright law? Does it still require TV providers to turn over sensitive viewer data to tech companies that aren’t covered by the strong privacy protections in the Communications Act? Does it finally abandon one-size-fits-all government technology mandates that are certain to slow down the unprecedented pace of innovation in the video marketplace?

The FCC must comply with the purpose and goals of the Administrative Procedures Act and publicly release the details of the new proposal it intends to impose on the public. A notice given months ago on a completely different proposal simply isn’t enough. It’s time to let the sunshine in.”

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