The Future of TV Coalition Public Knowledge contradicts Chairman Wheeler’s “no box” promise

Public Knowledge contradicts Chairman Wheeler’s “no box” promise

Future of TV Coalition   •   Press Release   •   February 25, 2016

At last week’s FCC meeting, Chairman Tom Wheeler once again dismissed the claim that his set-top box proposal would require consumers to lease additional in-home equipment from their TV provider. Technical experts have consistently argued that the Chairman’s rule, modeled on the AllVid proposal from 2010, would require extensive network re-engineering and new in-home hardware, resulting in more boxes rather than fewer. But Chairman Wheeler has rejected these experts’ analysis, stating “This proposal will not require consumers to purchase new boxes… This is not AllVid. It is not requiring a second box.”

But even Chairman Wheeler’s closest allies aren’t buying that claim. In an interview published today by Tech Hive, one of the leading advocates for the Chairman’s AllVid redux plan, Public Knowledge, flatly contradicted this “no box” promise and admitted the rule will require an AllVid style device:

“At the moment, this hardware solution known in the FCC’s proposal as a virtual headend isn’t set in stone, but chances are you won’t be completely free of rental fees. ‘You’re probably in the short term going to need something in the house,’ said John Bergmayer, a senior staff attorney at consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge. ‘It’s just sort of an open question of exactly what that device would be.’”



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