The Future of TV Coalition Over 300,000 Americans File Against the FCC Set-Top Box Mandate

Over 300,000 Americans File Against the FCC Set-Top Box Mandate

Future of TV Coalition   •   Press Release   •   May 24, 2016

(Washington, D.C.)   The Future of TV released the following statement on opposition to the FCC’s set top box mandate:

“The more Americans learn about the FCC’s set-top box mandate, the less they like it.


“That’s the only message you can take from the flood of more than 300,000 individual comments and group petitions submitted to the FCC opposing the box mandate during the public comment period that just ended.


“While the FCC is still catching up posting all comments into its online docket, we expect the total number of grassroots voices opposing the mandate to climb even higher.


“This mandate was a bad idea when it was first hatched and it hasn’t gotten any better – or more popular – with age. The Commission should use this groundswell of opposition as an opportunity to rethink this flawed and overly complex approach to the issue and take a fresh look at the app-powered alternatives already emerging in the marketplace today.”


About the Future of TV Coalition

The Future of TV Coalition is comprised of companies, associations, and non-profit organizations that support market-based innovation offering TV viewers an unprecedented volume of high-quality, diverse programming available on an expanding universe of devices and services. The coalition opposes unnecessary technology mandates, such as the FCC’s proposed set top box mandate, that would threaten this innovation and diversity. Learn more at

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