The Future of TV Coalition Tell the FCC: Protect Consumers Not Big Tech!

Tell the FCC: Protect Consumers Not Big Tech


From Netflix to Roku to revolutionary apps like HBO Now, we’ve never had so many choices in TV. But now Big Tech lobbyists and the FCC want a new mandate that will stifle innovation, undermine diverse programming, weaken privacy protections, and drive up consumer bills.

It’s an egregious giveaway to the richest companies in the world who want a shortcut in their conquest to take over TV for their own profit.

Big Tech doesn’t need a shortcut at our expense. Tell the FCC to protect consumers not Big Tech.


Chairman Wheeler:

I oppose unnecessary set-top box regulations that will drive up our TV bills while giving us fewer and less diverse choices, less privacy, and more advertisements on TV. Why put a healthy market at risk with costly and unnecessary new rules – especially when consumers will end up footing the bill.

Protect consumers not Big Tech.